Party Build

The Trade Union Committee of Sichuan Xingfa door Group was established in 2007. Its predecessor was the "Trade Union Committee of Sichuan Xingfa doors and Windows Co., Ltd." which was elected in 1998. With the continuous development of enterprises, in 2007, Election of the "Sichuan Xingye Group Trade Union Committee." Group trade union is divided into 8 sub-trade union 36 groups: group headquarters sub-trade union, door and window sub-trade union, branch building sub-trade union, real estate sub-union, Jiuhua sub-trade union, property sub-trade union, investment sub-union, Zhengzhou branch Under the leadership of the party committee of the group, the group trade union has given full play to the role of connecting the heart of the enterprise with its employees, actively working, continuously promoting the culture of love and care, and promoting the stable and harmonious development of the enterprise. In December 2009, Sichuan Federation of Trade unions was named the advanced unit of labor competition in Sichuan Province, and was awarded "worker Pioneer number" by Sichuan Federation of Trade unions in 2010. The door and window company Ma Chaoquan was awarded the honorary title of "National Model of Labor" by the National Federation of Trade unions.


Lee Ming LiangGroup trade union chairman
Luo Zhi MingChairman of Zhengzhou division of labor
Deng Chang RongChairman of the General Union
Li PengDoor and window division Chairman
Wang Xin XiChairman of real estate division
Wang JinChairman of division of labor division
Huang Ren HuiChairman of division of investment company
Ma Chao QuanVice chairman of division of doors and windows
Song Chun MeiChairman of the division of labor division of Jiuhua company
Zhang Jia JunChairman of property division