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  • Mr. Deng Dewan, chairman of Hing incident Group, invested 45000 yuan to set up a gate factory with 8 employees.

  • Set up Mianyang Xingfa doors and windows factory, production of security doors, the enterprise began a variety of series of development pattern, more than 300 employees.

  • Registration of "Xing incident" trademark, approved use of goods Category 6: metal doors, metal windows, safe (box), metal filing cabinet, metal food cabinet.

  • Mianyang Xingfa door and window Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 12 million yuan, 1200 employees, mainly engaged in: security door, fire door, aluminum alloy, roll gate, window processing, production, sales; curtain wall decoration, production; kitchen equipment production, Sales; office supplies sales; network technology services; plastic doors and windows production, sales; public safety technology prevention facilities system design, installation, maintenance.