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Dear friends, the incident family:

Golden Chicken Agile gold step, yellow dog spring jump jade step. In 2018, the arrival of the Spring Festival, the event ushered in the 25th year of development. In the past extraordinary and shining 2017, the Group successfully defeated the adverse effects of the national economic downturn on the development of enterprises. Through strategic adjustment, the Group once again laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of enterprises. In 2018, full of opportunity and hope, Xingchen Group will usher in a period of opportunity for further development. As the new year approaches, On behalf of Xingzhen Group, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and high respect to all the staff who have been working hard for a long time. New yearundefineds greetings and best wishes to all new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of the group.

In recent years, the international and domestic economy has continued to decline, the market competition for homogenization has been intensified, the market has been overcapacity, the cost of raw materials and labor costs have risen substantially, which has brought certain resistance to the healthy development of enterprises. In this grim situation, we insist on taking reform and innovation as the driving force, market demand as the guide, readjusting the industrial structure, strengthening internal management, promoting product transformation, and giving play to the fighting spirit of the people involved as always. It also opened up a new situation for the development of the incident. In 2017, we have been adhering to the enterprise purpose of "wish everyone in the world to be happy, to help the institutions to develop", to keep practicing the enterprise spirit of "fighting hard and being pragmatic and persevering consistently", to pay close attention to the hot products in the market and to decrypt the new and trendy products in the market. Developed cast aluminum doors, Italian armored doors, boutique doors, high-end custom doors and other more than 10 high-end new products to meet the diversified needs of the market. With the joint efforts of all the employees involved in the incident, the sales volume increased steadily compared with the same period last year. By the end of December, they had been working with Vanke, Wanda, Evergrande, Prosperity, and Chongqing to create financial resources. Guangzhou Fuli and other 19 well-known domestic real estate enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Looking back on our work over the past year, we have achieved encouraging results, all of which can not be achieved without the unity and struggle of the people involved in the incident, the hard work, and the trust and support of our customers, for which we dare not slacken. Always strive to pursue better service quality, strive to assume more social responsibility, strive to reflect greater social value. In 2018, the world economic landscape changes, faced with new challenges, we are willing to work together. We will continue to adhere to the core values of "create benefits for society and create opportunities for employees", make full use of the advantages of the diversified industries of the group, and strive to open up new development space. Seek cooperation, talk about development, will join hands with friends from all walks of life to fight the Shang Hai, and create a new brilliant.

The enterprise is born in the society, develops in the society, must devote to the society more, we will continue to follow "the family, the person, the frugality, the incorruptible, the new, the heart, the sincere" enterprise culture idea, creates more gold medals the product and the fine item, benefits the society, In order to carry forward the group, "where the problem of users, is the responsibility of the incident," the service concept of unremitting struggle.

Passion and sweat have become the past, wisdom and perseverance cast the future. In the new year, let us step by step with our feet, to start a new journey of development, to open up a better new era, let us work together to achieve our great Chinese Dream! 2018! Roll up sleeves and work hard. Finally, I sincerely wish you all good health, happiness and good luck in the new year!

Chairman of the group