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Sichuan Xingshifa Group

Sichuan Xing incident Group is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating doors and windows, new energy applications, environmental protection building materials production and sales, real estate development, engineering construction, decoration, agricultural development, intelligent equipment, property services and asset investment.

The group owns 18 wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Sichuan Xingshifa Doors and Windows Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xingfa Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Jianhai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Xingshifa Door Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xingshifa Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Mianyang Zhongjing Industrial Co., Ltd., and shares in Mianyang Water Bank Holiday Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (Shenzhou Nandu Project), Sichuan Liyu Investment Co., Ltd. (Red Star Mei Kailong Project), China Section Theo Elevator Co., Ltd. and other joint-stock enterprises.

The group has more than 2800 employees, and the total assets of the company are 6 billion yuan. In 2017, the group achieved an annual output value of 4 billion yuan and 120 million yuan in taxes.