Party Build

The CPC Sichuan Xingfa door Group Committee was established on June 19, 2007. Its predecessor was the Party branch of the CPC Xingfa door and window Co., Ltd, which was established in 2002. The number of party members has been increasing as the group industry continues to grow. From the original 12 to 83 of the 10 subsidiaries at that time, in order to further strengthen the construction of party organizations and give full play to the pioneering role of party members, in June 2007, With the unanimous approval of all the members of the Party branch of the former door and window Company and reported to the Party work Committee of the Chinese Communist Partyundefineds Youxian Economic pilot area and the approval of the Organization Department of the CPC Youxian District Committee, a "CPC Sichuan Hing incident door Group Committee" was set up. In 2011, due to the division of administrative functions between Youxian Economic Test area and Youxian Town, the Group Party Committee was transferred to the jurisdiction of the CPC Youxian Town Party Committee. As of September 2018, the total number of registered Party members of the Group is 153 (including 71 floating Party members), of which 48 members (7 probationary members) have been recruited by the Party Committee of the Group. The group has 7 members, namely: Peng Xingquan, Yuan Hongyan, Li Mingliang, Chen Junyi, Wang Xiaoping, Zhang Xu Guang, Ren Li and Peng Xingquan. The party committee of the group is divided into six branches, namely, the party branch of the group headquarters, the party branch of the door and window company, the party branch of the real estate company, the party branch of the science and technology company, the party branch of the de Chen trading company, the branch of the Zhengzhou door and window branch. Since the establishment of the party committee of the Group, the Party building has been carried out with a solid work style. Promoting the development of enterprises, in June 2008, June 2018 by the CPC Youxian District Committee recognized as "Advanced Party Organization", in June 2009, July 2011 and October 2012 by the Communist Party Committee of Mianyang City as "advanced grass-roots party organizations." In March 2006, Yuan Hongyan, a member of the Party Committee of the Group, was elected the fourth and fifth party representative of Youxian District in March 2011; in May 2008, Deng Zhong, former secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, was elected as a representative of the Fifth Party Congress in Mianyang City; in May 2012, Ma Chaoquan, a member of the door and window Company, was elected the representative of the 10th Party Congress of Sichuan Province, and was awarded the honorary title of outstanding Communist Party member in June 2012. Peng Xingquan, Party Secretary of the Group, was awarded the title of "Mianyang excellent Party work" by Mianyang Municipal Party Committee.


Peng Xing QuanGroup Party Secretary
Presided over the comprehensive work of the Party committee
Yuan Hong YanDeputy Secretary of the Party committee
And head branch secretary, responsible for organizing work.
Zhang Xu GuangCommittee members of the Party committee
Group discipline committee secretary
Branch secretary of Commerce and Trade Company
Responsible for Discipline Inspection Work
Lee Ming LiangCommittee members of the Party committee
Branch secretary of science and technology company and chairman of trade union
Responsible for the work of the masses and trade unions
Chen Jun YiCommittee members of the Party committee
Branch secretary of real estate company
Responsible for publicity work
Ren LiCommittee members of the Party committee
Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee
Branch secretary of doors and windows company
Responsible for youth work
Huang Ren HuiCommittee members of the Party committee
Branch secretary of Zhengzhou branch
Helping youth work